Like many people, I created a blog. Yes but why ? Quite simply because I am starting to no longer support the innumerable all the .txt files on my desktop, all these notes that fly away and I cannot find anymore, or all these ideas that I have. But among all this, what annoys me the most is to learn in depth about a subject, then, a few months later, repeat the exact same process because I forgot what I learned, when I could have summed it all up once and for all.

So here it is, I try to organize myself and regroup my ideas and knowledge in this blog.

If you ever came here by accident, know that I do not pretend to be an encyclopedia, and my knowledge is sometimes inaccurate. But fortunately for me, you can leave comments to give your opinions, complete, criticize (positively or not), and correct my articles.

Who am I ?

On the Internet, my name is Pixis, and I am an avid user of newbiecontest (my profile) where I am also an administrator.

True enthusiast who spends his days and nights on different subjects, whether it is about computer security (Active Directory ♥), but also raspberry/arduino/home automation hacker, always curious, and who likes to share.

So I welcome you to my humble blog, and I hope you find it useful!

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Thank you to these amazing people who helped me translating different posts from French to English